Pack of 5 Conical Garden Plant Support Rings (60cm)



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Pack of five conical plant support rings, measuring 60 centimeters tall and 25 centimeters width. Offering super value, this pack of five plant supports is sure to help you get the most from your tall flowers and produce. With there being 5 in this set, these can be placed around your garden for various different plants.
Holding heads high, these conical plant support rings are ideal for all long-stemmed plants. Each of these units feature three supporting rings, the dimensions of which are (from the top down) 25cm, 22cm and 18cm
Once you have finished with these supports they can be wiped down easily due to the glossy finish. They can stack on top of each other for compact storage, put in a garden shed reserved for later usage.
* Can be pushed into soft ground * Set of 5 Conical supports * Easy to use
The rings are available separately as a spare part

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