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Dont get left in the dark. This rugged portable torch features a powerful LED light source by Cree, leading maker of LED bulbs that are prized for their reliability and brilliant white light by police, special forces and security professionals. Our exclusive 3W Cree rechargeable torch features a rugged, impact resistant aluminium body. Unlike ordinary handheld flashlights theres a choice of three illumination modes ultra-bright, bright, or flashing accessed instantly at the touch of a button. There are a hundred uses for this compact but powerful flashlight. Keep one handy in a cupboard, drawer or toolbox, under the stairs or in the car glovebox, shed or cellar: you never know when youll need it.Theres no need to keep spending money on replacement torch batteries. Just plug in the supplied mains adaptor and enjoy as much as 8 hours continuous use on a single charge of this remarkable cree rechargeable torch.Torch measures L16 x Diameter 3cm. Weight 230g.

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