Tool Wall Storage Rack Panel For Garden Sheds and Garages (68 Pieces)



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These innovative designed tool racks allow tools to be hung quickly and securely next to all the screws, bits and bobs they go hand in hand with.
This design allows you to change the arrangement of the trays, hooks and hangers to best suit your needs. The trays and clips slide and clip into place providing strength to hold the bulky amounts of nails, screws or anything you wish to store.
* Excellent for quick and easy storage of all kinds of tools
* Designed for use with DIY tools
* Completely customize-able
* Includes 3 panels, 10 hanger hooks, 2 slotted tool holders, 1 screw bit holder, 1 screwdriver holder, 26 red and 26 black trays
* No tools included
* Dimensions: 20cm D x 145cm W x 55cm H

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