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The 3.3m x 2.6 Log Cabin is a great way of adding an extra room to your home. Designed for a multitude of purposes, the simple design of this building tends itself well in maximising space and providing the perfect place to relax. Ideal for those who aren’t looking for the biggest and most expensive product available, and simply want the one that has the basics well covered. This building has an open plan interior so you can arrange your cabin to best suit your needs. The opening windows and double doors, glazed with SAN styrene, help to create a bright, airy and welcoming space. SAN styrene is a premium styrene material that while being safe and shatterproof, provides the visual aesthetic of traditional glass glazing. This log cabin is made from premium quality Baltic pine that is ethically sourced. The panels of this log cabin are made from 19mm thick, interlocking tongue and groove timber log boards. The interlocking method forms a weatherproof seal that is also strong, robust and long-lasting. The roof and floor are constructed using 12mm tongue and groove boards that not only looks great, but will create a hard-wearing structure, ideal for daily use. This garden cabin comes with large double doors for an easy and welcoming entrance, a lock and key are supplied as standard so you can secure this building when it’s not in use. The high apex roofline provides a generous amount of headroom inside, ideal if you want to install standing shelves or lamps. High quality roofing felt is supplied with this building to add a layer of protection against the elements. This Log Cabin will be delivered in individual tongue and groove timber lengths and it will need to be treated with a high quality timber treatment after construction. The cabin should be constructed on a level and firm base such as concrete slabs.

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