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Our ultimate all-in-one bungee cord set ensures that you always have a bungee to hand when you need it.
This essential 32 piece set includes premium quality bungee cords that are made with a blend of rubber and latex to deliver twice as much strength as rubber alone. Double strength UV coating also helps to reduce cord fatigue and protect the cords from degenerating when used outdoors.
The bungee cords include non scratch hooks that feature a 4mm steel core with a hard bond plastic coating. This helps to avoid any damage and scratching to designated anchor points.
Our heavy duty 8mm cross woven premium bungee straps have a 185lb max break strength and are GS Certified, so approved for use in military and industrial supply chains.
In addition to 14 bungee straps, the set includes 6 mini cords, 4 bungee canopy ties, 4 snap hooks and 2 tarpclips to secure a groundsheet, car cover or tarpaulin.
This set of essential items is contained in a handy zip bag when enables easy carriage and storage in your car boot, shed or garage.
The Selections 32 Piece Bungee Set includes:
– 6 x 18″ x 8mm cords in orange
– 4 x 24″ x 8mm cords in red
– 2 x 32″ x 8mm cords in yellow
– 2 x 40″ x 8mm cords in blue
– 6 x 102 mini cords in black
– 4 x canopy ties in black
– 4 x snap hooks in red
– 2 x tarclips in black
1 x luggage net in black
1 x carrying case in black
* Essential 32 piece bungee cord set
* Handy zip up storage case
* For use at home home or travelling
* Brand: Garden Selections

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