75MM Blaze RapidStrip Quick-change Clean & Strip Discs


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An open web construction for an aggressive cut without loading. the thick ,strong synthetic fibres and extra coarse silicon carbide grain makes light work of removing rust, weld spatter and scale.Features and Benefits: SG Blaze Rapid Strip’s open structure design allows for aggressive cutting on metal surfaces whilst preventing gouging Elimination of loading on sticky coatings, adhesives and soft metals will not snag or shed when used to deburr edges The Bright Orange colour makes them stand out in the workshopTypical Applications: Ideal for removing coatings on a variety of surfaces Cleans surfaces thoroughly for excellent adhesion of coatings,painting and soldering Used for stripping, light stock removal of scale, corrosion or rust on cast iron, steels, aluminum, fibrrglass and composites clean-up of flashings cleaning off epoxies and graffiti from all metal, stone and concrete surfaces

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