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ALUKAP-XR Aluminium Finial – Brown When you are looking for a finish that is long lasting for the gable on your roofing the ALUKAP-XR Aluminium Finial-Brown is a perfect choice. The Finials help to make the roof look professional and decorative. The ALUKAP-XR Aluminium Finial-Brown can be used on many projects including, Conservatories manufactured from hardwoods, Carports, Bike Sheds, Shelters for public transport, Swimming pools and many more all helping to give a smart looking finishing touch. The Finials are made from strong and durable aluminium; they are weather resistant to help stop cracking. They can also withstand high temperatures from the UV rays from the sun, which ensures the Finials don’t warp. The Finials have fixings that are covered and gaskets that are protected. The installation instructions are simple; this helps to reduce time when it comes in installation. They are a perfect option to use on steel or hardwood rafters and frames. ALUKAP-XR Aluminium Finials are attractive decorative finishing’s designed to adorn the ends of ridge bars for a more complete, custom glazing system. ALUKAP-XR is a weather-resistant glazing bar system from Clear Amber that sits atop rafters for a clean, attractive finish. The sturdy and durable system comes in a range of profiles and finishes, in both white and brown so you can match the rest of your building or surroundings with ease. Compatible with timber rafters, the fixings for ALUKAP-XR are concealed and made from aluminium like the rest of the system so you’re assured quality and neat installation. Decorative finishing castings are also available so you can bring even more style to your system.

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