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Experience Days Escape Rooms: As an exciting, new and upcoming experience, Escape Games provide the challenge of solving a haunting encounter or murder mystery. An Escape Room in Liverpool is the perfect group activity! Put your quick wit, skills of deduction and team-working abilities to the test. Do you have what it takes? In this Cursed Carnival Escape Room, following on from your attendance at the local carnival you are haunted with vivid nightmares and haunting voices. The only way to solve this is to return the prize you won and head back to the cursed carnival. You have 7 days to return, and on the 7th day you enter the old repair shed. In your team, you must solve the mystery within the last hour before the clock strikes midnight. Failure to solve the mystery will lead to the nightmares becoming reality. Your task will be to find clues around the room, each leading you closer to the answer. Will you have sufficient logic skills and steady nerves to beat the clock and escape? It’s time to solve the mystery and face the escape room challenge! The Cursed Carnival Escape Room in Liverpool is the perfect gift for those who love to put their mind to a challenge. It is suitable for a group night or a mystery solving duo. The escape room will test your mind to its furthest ability, but leave you feeling with a sense of achievement once you are finished…that is if you can solve the mystery before the clock strikes midnight! Are you willing to take the risk, enter the old repair shed and become the next great escapee?

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