Dr Dennis Gross Skincare 20th Anniversary Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Peel (Pack of 35)



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Discover a smoother and more radiant complexion with the Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Skincare 20th Anniversary Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Peel. Combining three complimentary AHAs and BHAs, the exfoliating pads are soaked in a gently exfoliating solution. The peel pads help to dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells, helping to lift away impurities and build-up that can lead to congestion and dullness. Unlike clinical peels, this expert formulation doesn’t cause unsightly skin shedding effects, minimising the risk of irritation. Helping to improve the appearance of tone and texture, the pads promote a smoother and more even complexion, helping to gently reduce the appearance of marks and discoloration, without drying out the skin. Housed in a re-useable

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