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Brougham and Brough Castles in Cumbria have a similar history. Both were built on the site of Roman forts where the earthworks are still visible today. Brougham was constructed in a strategic position by the crossing of the River Eamont and Brough was built to safeguard routes from the North.Brougham and Brough were held by the same two families – the Vieuxponts and the Cliffords – for much of their history and it was under Lady Anne Clifford in the 17th century that the castles enjoyed a last lease of life. During the 18th century however both castles fell into ruin.This guidebook is the first to link the two sites and includes a fascinating history of the two castles and their inhabitants. There is also a guided tour of both sites which sheds new light on these once impressive strongholds.Key Features:40 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2016 (revised reprint)

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