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Silchester in Hampshire is one of the best preserved Roman towns in Britain. It originated as Calleva a centre of the Iron Age tribe of the Atrebates from the late 1st century BC. After the Roman conquest of AD 43 it developed into the large and important town of Calleva Atrebatum. Laid out on a distinctive street grid pattern the town contained many public buildings and flourished until the early Anglo-Saxon period. Unlike most Roman towns it was never reoccupied or built over after it was abandoned by about the mid seventh century.The town was rediscovered through extensive excavations from the late 19th century onwards. Since the 1970s those led by the University of Reading have provided new insights into Calleva’s Iron Age origins the Roman town and later occupation. Today the complete circuit of the Roman walls and remains of the amphitheatre still stand.This brand new guidebook provides a full tour and history of the site and brings the story of its rediscovery and excavation up to date. It includes features on such aspects as the daily diet of the Callevans Roman technology and industry religion at Calleva and the Silchester Collection of finds now on display at Reading Museum. The guidebook is illustrated with specially commissioned photography an extensive selection of historic images and numerous objects found on the site by both antiquarians and university archaeologists all of which shed light on the life of the Iron Age and Roman towns. Key Features:40 pagePaperbackPublished in 2016

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