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In most homes, the search for keys can be a treacherous one. Looking high and low for those inconspicuous little gadgets that literally open doors to the places you want to go! Be it into the outside world, the ‘general clutter’ cupboard that no one else can ever know about, or the garden shed when the urge to finally get digging up those weeds takes hold. If you’ve been scratching your head, trying to think about what to buy a soon-to-be-wed couple, and have accidentally missed the deadline for the gift list, then why not consider these lovely ceramic key trays? The off-white square design reads ‘His Lordship’s Keys’ on one, and ‘Her Ladyship’s Keys’ on th other. Accompanied by a gold crown icon, the regal design would look lovely on a side table in the home of two newly-weds. Dimensions: H13 x W13 x D2.5cmMaterial: Ceramic

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