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Lightweight and silky, Indeed Labs’ Clearify helps to keep oily, blemish-prone skin under control with antibacterial ingredients and mattifying actives. Offering instant relief to problematic complexions that suffer frequent breakouts, the non-comedogenic face oil supports skin health by not stripping skin of its natural oils and by respecting the microflora, preventing sebum production from going into overdrive. Acne is caused by bacteria getting trapped within pores and so decongesting pores is a very important weekly treatment for keeping flare-ups at bay. Powered by Salicylic Acid, a god-send for clearing acne, the facial oil performs a gently exfoliation to dissolve remnants of dead skin cells and traces of environmental polluntants, makeup or excess oil stuck in clogged pores. DermalRx CKW, a harmonious combo of extracts from the Ginger family, works to tame oil production, while Nelupure, a blend of extracts from the Egyptian and Sacred Lotus varieties help to balance the secretion of inflammation and acne-causing sebum. Argan oil provides instant, lasting hydration along with a healthy dose of antioxidants and nourishing fatty acids. By shedding acne-causing debris on a frequent basis with Clearify, you are reducing the chances of future breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads. Ideal for blemish-prone skin types. Non-comedogenic.

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