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The Ledvance NIGHTLUX ceiling nightlight is compact, easy to install, and requires no mains wiring, making it ideal for smaller spaces around the home, such as entrances, closets, sheds and porches.It features an integrated motion sensor, which allows the ceiling light to activate only when a presence is detected. The light will automatically deactivate again when no motion is detected.The NIGHTLUX surface-mounted ceiling light produces 105 lumens of bright white light, enough to cover an area of approximately 20m. This ceiling light is perfect for when you don’t want to go through the trouble of installing mains-powered lighting in hard-to-reach places around the home. LED technology means that it is energy efficient and will last for years.The NIGHTLUX ceiling nightlight can be easily and quickly fixed to suitable surfaces using the screws and tape provided.Come supplied with 3xAAA batteries.

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