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The dog can indeed be ‘man’s best friend,’ can’t it? An ever-faithful, obedient and comforting companion. Always eager to please, tail-waggingly grateful for the slightest attention or praise, and constantly dutiful and vigilant, fearlessly guarding home and property both day and night.On the other hand… this ‘best friend’ is equally likely to turn out to be a noisy, smelly, dribbling, flea-bitten, dog-hair-shedding, carpet-ruining, shoe-eating, furniture-shredding, postman-savaging, muddy-pawed, fussy-eating, flower-border-digging, cat-chasing, totally untrainable and disobedient incurable runaway. In short, a ‘hound from Hell,’ sent to turn your existence into a daily torment and your lawn into one big toilet!So, if you love your dog to bits but every now and then get an almost irresistible urge to scream, then you need The Dog Owner’s Survival Guide. It’s a brilliant, witty comic strip book for harassed dog owners everywhere!Number of pages: 32Dimensions: H15 x W21cm

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