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Washing bag for clothes made of synthetic fabrics. The bag prevents microplastics* from clothes made of synthetic fabrics, such as fleece, ending up in our lakes and oceans. Meanwhile, the soft inner surface of the bag results in less fibre loss, so your clothes last longer. Place your garments in the bag and wash in the normal way. Only use liquid laundry detergent. Do not put the bag in the tumble dryer afterwards. Depending on what you wash, it may take one or two washes before you find fibres in the upper corner of your Guppyfriend. Remove the fibres and dispose of them in your household waste. It’s important NOT to rinse out the bag, as the microplastics will escape with the water. The most effective way to minimise microfibre shedding is to avoid washing as much as possible, use the Guppyfriend washing bag, select a quick wash programme, skip or reduce the spin cycle and air-dry garments. Read more at stopmicrowaste.com/tenfortheocean/ When your washing bag is worn out, you can send it back to Guppy Bag – they will re-use the material and recycle it into new Guppyfriends. * Microplastic is an umbrella term for plastic particles smaller than 5 millimetres. Colour: White , Material: 100% Polyamide , Size: One

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