Race for the White House



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This exciting docudrama, narrated by Kevin Spacey, unravels some of America’s most iconic and consequential presidential elections. Each episode captures the thrill of a presidential election by reliving one momentous campaign. Using archive footage, interviews with candidates, key players, historians and experts, along with stylised dramatisations, they illustrate how an election can be won or lost on a single issue. By exploring key themes, issues, turning points and strategies the series aims to shed light on the changing nature of political campaigning, and reveal what impact these elections had on the course of American history. THE SIX ELECTIONS FEATURED ARE: 1828 – Andrew Jackson vs John Quincy Adams, 1860 – Abraham Lincoln vs Stephen Douglas, 1948 – Harry Truman vs Thomas Dewey 1960 – John F. Kennedy vs Richard Nixon, 1988 – George H.W. Bush vs Michael Dukakis, 1992 – Bill Clinton vs George H.W. Bush.

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