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Roots Professional Imperium CBD Hair Stimulating Conditioner powers up your hair with 16+ active ingredients Roots Professional introduces the most complete hair maximizing conditioner ever created. CBD infused Imperium utilizes an impressive 16 active ingredients to minimize shedding, create faster growth, and aid in hair recovery. A powerful anti-ageing tool to help prevent hair issues from happening in the first place. Truly a new step forward in hair technology. Roots Professional is proud to be the strongest hair growth and hair maximization line. Now with offerings with CBD, Roots Professional uses an unprecedented number of actives to ensure proven regrowth as well as incredible hair health. Specialized water-based formulations, that cause no buildup, allow you to get targeted help from hair loss conditions with state-for-the-art ingredients clinically proven to work. Benefits: Blend of 15 key active ingredients helps reduce hair loss due to breakage Revives the appearance of damaged and distressed hair Leaves strands smooth and healthier-looking Supports a healthy looking scalp, invigorates hair, and revitalizes overall appearance of hair Adds body, and increases volume for thicker-looking hair Made with natural preservatives Directions: After shampoo, follow up with Imperium CBD Conditioner, and leave on for at least 6 minutes to allow the active ingredients to activate your hair roots.

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