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Strigoi is a vampire movie that defies categorisation. Shedding a fantastic light on a post-communist Romanian village, it introduces us to an ancient myth: Strigoi, the souls that rise again after death to seek justice if they’ve been wronged, their appetites intensified by a hunger for blood. Vlad Cozma (Catalin Paraschiv) is a young man returning to his grandfather’s village from Italy, with barely a foot through the front door Vlad dives head first into investigating a mysterious death that raises questions about land ownership in the community. The trail points to ex-communist bully Constantin Tirescu (Constantin Barbulescu) and his wife, but when Vlad confronts them, he discovers that the richest landowners in the village have become real bloodsuckers.Full of unpredictable twists and turns, brimming with black humour and drenched in Romanian folklore Strigoi is a nihilistic and bitingly funny film akin to discovering a beautiful black rose blooming in an (un) dying, over killed film genre .

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