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Are you trying to shed some pounds? You’re desperately trying to eat less of the ‘naughty’ stuff and seem to be constantly shovelling in the greens, to no avail. Well, you’re not out of options quite yet. Have you heard of The World’s Easiest Diet Kit? No? Well, listen close… This fantastically innovative spoon and fork set has a metal effect when actually they are made of plastic. A great selling point for anyone frightened of exercise… There’ll be no heavy lifting there! But wait, there’s more.The spoon cleverly has a hole cut out in the centre. This makes gripping on to your favourite cookie dough ice cream a far bigger task. And you can leave that chocolate mousse at the door because you will have no way of enjoying that delectable treat! The fork has had half of its prongs cruelly snipped off, so don’t even entertain the idea of digging them into a nice pile of cheesy chips or a meaty pizza because it isn’t going to happen. A humorous gift to give a friend with a good sense of humour, who seems to be constantly attempting weight loss but just can not give in to those temptations! Material: Hygienic plastic with a shiny mirrored coating

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